Mother and Child by Gordon Chait
Uncle Lionel by John Huffman
Protest 1971 by Stephen Elko
Buddhist Temple by Diane DeQuevedo Klein
Home Alone by Jihyeu Chen
Stable Stroll by Patricia Ramaer
Crazy in You by Bruce J. Nichols
Mell on Coly by Bruce J. Nichols
Captain Lars by Osvaldo Rivera
The Prize by Mary Woodman
Margo and Avah by Jorge Luis Monteagudo
Man in Park by Jorge Luis Monteagudo
Old Man 3 by Hyun Woong Kim
Two Conversations by Tim Johnston
Lady in the works by Patricia Ramaer
Little Girl from Suarez by Jorge Luis Monteagudo
Tanya by Marvin J. Gerstein
Caught in the Elevator by Ellen G. Ingram
Doorman at the Plaza by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
New Treasure by Art Shay
Suspicious Eyes by Michael Gora
Worker on Break by David Guidas
Forefathers by Katherine Petit
A Night @ Reds by Bob Newman
Untitled 1 by Robin Genin
Sophia by Christy Kruse
Rapt Attention by Stephen K. Hall
Underwater by J. Michael Gannon
Untitled 7 by Lars Hyttinen
Abigail by Christy Kruse
On the Train by Larry Chan
Girl Transfixed by Harry Longstreet
Boxing Audience 1 by Kathy Conway
High Tide and Black Sand by Sorin Costache
Christy by Roberta Lynn Ledbetter
Man Fixing Car by Kathy Conway
Lady by Insoo Bay
All in a Day's Work by Chester Ng
The Man Behind The Masks by Sorin Costache
Wrong Way Up by Sorin Costache
Carrying More than Life by Ronaldo Pichardo
Tatik-Grandmother by Peter Schoen
Brother & Sister by Insoo Bay
Himba Boy 2 by Susan Braunhut and Dennis Miller
Mother & Child by Insoo Bay
Born in the sadle by Patricia Ramaer
Street Boy by Insoo Bay
Woman On Bus by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Amish Boys by Mickie Rosen
Softly Calling by Suzanne Schneider