B&W: 2014 Portfolio

Architecture / Interiors

Broken Glass by Marj Green
Cooling Tower 5 and 6 by RW Hawkins
New Jersey Meadowlands 1 by Michael R. Stimola
Locked Out by Tom Green
Oia Santorini BW 1239 by Bob Neiman
Sneakers and Warehouse by Mitch Nelles
Ani 3 by Charles F. Mason
A Way Out by Mary Tuggle
Bridges of Chicago by Doug Bisson
Atlantic City #2 - 99 Cents by Jeff Wiles
Crumbling Beauty by Joyce Chadwick
Reflexion #9 by Carl Hurens
Villa Panza 1 by Paolo Ameli
Brooklyn Heights by Rita Pignato
Old and New by Thomas S. Parry
Bird On A Building by James A. Crawford
Cleveland Flats 14 by Stefano Sagri
Abstract-12 by Alan Hans
La Défense 01 by Silvestre Machado
The Heat Geometries 4 by Roberto Frieri
Cathedral Doorway by Tom and Marj Green
Cheese Grater Building by Bob Tapp
Reflections by Dolores Smart
North Of Route 80-002 by R.D. Smith
Grace Cathedral by Dominic Martello
City at Night 2 by Nataly Rader
Boynton Beach Inlet by Sandra Canning
White on White 1 by Lois Alexander-Mandel
Untitled 1 by Ronald J. Zeytoonian
Circus Tent by Tyler Vance
Angles in The Sun by Karen H. Colbert
Different Perspective by Michael Parvin
Albuquerque Downs by Aldo Jadrnicek
Moving With Purpose 3 by Jarrett Quinn Hlady