Knot by William Bullard
Stencil 2 by Linda Morrow
Dew and Spider's Art by Carolyn Cogan
Painted by Light by Richard Caramadre
River of Time by Michael Weitzman
Corner by Barbara Bender
Apparition by Barbara Bender
Bee Orb by Mary Woodman
Natural Stripes by Kelly Slezak
Waves by Gwen Solomon
Pod by Carolyn Kennedy
Barnacles by Lee Grossman
Lines and Ovals by Barbara Bender
Patterned Rock by Betty Johnson
Edge of a Dream by Evan Powell
Circles of Peace by Sarah Ellen Singer
Dogs Playground by Petr Travkin
Wings of the Evergreen by Delia Giannini-Khavari
Plitvice by Massimo Pedriali
Tree Bark 1 by Sorin Costache
Carrots and Camouflage by Dolores Smart
Ice by Lu Zhang
Untitled 2 by Nicole Picard
Arrangements 3 by Jerry Grasso
Ice Flow by Jeff Irwin
Rust Stains by Rosemary Williams
Oncoming Car by Diane Kaye
Winter Forest Impressions by Barbara Bender
Impermanence by Jonas Michilot
Zig Zag Formation by Don Jacobson
Rock Pattern by Michael K. Reyburn
Elwha River Delta by Christina Heliker
Nude-Negative by SUZKA
Monument to Murdered Jews by William Bullard
To the Left by Marco R. Casalino
Flounder by Joe Washington
Bhudda's Hand by Mathieu Bauwens
Hidden Grotto by Don Jacobson
Untitled 1 by James Fitzgerald
Leaves by MariAnne MacGregor
Dune Trance by Michael Weitzman
Cobwebs by Lee Grossman
Leaf Skeleton by Marco R. Casalino
Stairway by Richard K. Jolliffe
Tree Bark 2 by Sorin Costache
Reflections by Jaron Arboleda
Sand Storm by Rajmund Rajch
Planters by Barbara Bender
Tracks in Snow 2 by Joseph Romeo
Snake by Marco R. Casalino