In Transit by Jonas Michilot
Queen of Sheba by Ludwig Desmet
The Ferry Man by Hugh Jones
Cambodia Awakening by Sandra Banister
The Sacrifice Of Eve By Adam by Curtis Salonick
Be Prepared to Stop by Jane Vickers
Walk into the Light by Susan B. Griffith
Esbosos Fantasmales by James Padilla-Calzada
Long Legs by Steve Wolowitz
Traces of Alice by Tresha Glenister
Contact by Roi Hew
Alone#2 by Jarmo Honkanen
Untitled 3 by Maris Martinson
Scarecrow by Lucy Dankova
The Coming Storm by Curtis Salonick
Shattered Dreams of Bigger Leagues by Pedro Genaro Rodriguez
Inverted Chicken by Tresha Glenister
The Dinner Guest by Stephanie Lehr
Snake in Hand by Susan B. Griffith
The Tunnel by Diane Silverman
Chicken People by David Guidas
Illusion 2 by Martha Ketterer
Conversation by Gwen Solomon
No Escape by Joe Cressman
Beach Dream 2 by Conrado Gonzalez
In Pursuit by Yu-Chen Chiu
Still Waiting by Herminio Alberti
Bake Master by Carol MacLeod
Hand Abstract by Susan B. Griffith
Mi Amas Vin 1 by Marcelo Buainain
Childhood by Diane Kaye
Portal to Your Dream by Michael Godts
Tribute in Lights by Jaron Arboleda
Doll with Plastic by Carole Usdan
Hidden by Jess H. Beal
Still Standing by Dennis Fritsche
Untitled 4 by Juul Kraijer
Salvation by Stephanie Lehr
Untitled by Francine Filsinger
Vanished in Thin Air by Robb Johnson
Departure by Barbara Bender
El Torito by James Padilla-Calzada
Untitled 1 by Peter Erhard
Two Hands by Robert Miller
Persian by Ralph Henzer
Gestalt I by Bill Voight
The Strength in Saving by Troy Colby
Americana in the 21st Century by John Galbreath
Sacred River 4 by Marcelo Buainain
3 Trench Coats by Robb Johnson