Our Falling World by Troy Colby
Mask #1 by Diane Silverman
Untitled 1 by Nicole Picard
Dreaming Kaleta by Laurits Haaning
Face by Jerry Whitty
The Dream of Flight by Troy Colby
Mysterious by Charlie Lemay
Deceptive Illusion by Peter Erhard
Contemplation by Richard Mason
Dave's Farewell by Kat Moser
The Road by Oysten Kristiansen
We Have a Problem by Enrico Nicolo
Screw Top Banker by Jack Delmonte
Consequences No. 8 by Edward Ries
Equinox by Hengki Lee
Mask #2 by Diane Silverman
Cement Shoe Factory by Dan Richard Barber
Disconnect by Jaime Bailon
Century Plaza Towers by Silvestre Machado
Toll Lake by Helene Fjell
Cirque Plume 5 by Yves Perton
Cocoon by Fred Everett
Look Outside by Jaime Bailon
In Mourning by Richard Mason
Untitled by Curtis Salonick
Common Woman by Patricia Sheley
Fragile and Strong by Agneta Viklund
Poka Dot Realm by William R. West Jr.
Woman by Fattah Zinnouri
Leggere #3 by Enrico Nicolo
La donna del mare #4 by Enrico Nicolo
Spooky School of Art by Alan Wood
Heaven Coming Down by Igor Svibilsky
Trio #92-Folds and Holes by Joan M. Ladendorf
In Dream by Fee Chin
Ride by Charlie Lemay
Darkly Dreaming by Richard Mason
Self-portrait by Guga Millet
Dream by John Talbert
They Watch but Do Not See by Patricia Postma
The Impact by Layzhoz Yeap
Cirque Plume  3 by Yves Perton
The Beads of Guilt by Curtis Salonick
Ghost Boy by Bruce Herman
Ricercare #11 by Enrico Nicolo
Miscarriage by David Moyle
Mean Bunny by Louise Daddona
Existence by Hengki Lee
Portals Image 9 by Leslie Inman
Multiface by Len Blau