B&W: 2013 Single Image

Cityscape / Street

Venitian Alley by Rob Haff
Main Street 1 by Bert Wolfe
From the Ramparts by Kenneth Marty
Cardiac Hill by Michael Rosella
The Loop - Chicago L Train by Scott Clarke
The Fantasy and the Reality by Jon Meyer
Bagman by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Walking Home After Church by Phillip A. Windell
A Moment of Rest and Reflection by Bert Wolfe
Last Hope by Jack Konieczny
Procession by Tony French
Cobblestone Cathedral by Thomas E. Silvey
Guitar Man by Bruce G. Snyder
Open Hydrant by Water Leporati
Sleeping Man by Dale LaFollette
Uncertainty by Herminio Alberti
Capuchin Tourist by Kenneth Marty
A Pause by Edwin George Close II
Tuesday Special by Edwin George Close II
Wrigley Building by Rick Pearson
Childish Things by Joseph E. Reid
Journey's End by Lars Hyttinen
Brooklyn Pier by Kristina Kurtzke
Preacher by Joseph E. Reid
Mont Des Arts Quarter by Guy Gagnon
No Title 2 by Shifra Levyathan
Rainy Day Norwich by Rees Gordon
Untitled by Anna Ida Zajbert
Photo Op by Bruce Barshop
Lost in the City 18 by Jose Mendes de Almeida
Havana by Scott Clarke
Lowrider Show-Mom by Bruce Barshop
Lace Gentleman's Club by Bruce Barshop
Mohawk by Gary Matson
This World and The Next by Dae Won Park
Madness by Sanford Davis
Two Nuns in an Alley by Scott Amling
Untitled 5 by Eli Matityahu
Street Corner by Shinya Ichikawa
Rochester Criterium by Sheridan Vincent
Courtyard by Bruce G. Snyder
Cars by John Howard
5 am by Thomas Damentko
Closed Invitation by Yu-Chen Chiu
Before They Come by Patricia Sweeney
Capoeira in Barcelona No by Jack Ronnel
Between Two by Shinya Ichikawa
Untitled #4 by Patricia Kantzos
More than Meets the Eye by Lee Grossman
Pula by Ralph Henzler