Flowers #1 by Ernest Wead
Aquatic Constellations by Manuel Jo Monteiro Anjos Pereira
Daisy Bud by Karen Santos
Flower on Barbed Wire by Barclay Hurst
Ants by J T Lee
Leaf in Whirlpool by Bill Prosser
Out of Line by Dorin Todor
Amarylis by Scott Prior
Angel Trumpet by Linda Morrow
Curl by Edward R. Sancious
Untitled 1 by Charles J. Hyland
Ferns by Harry L. Hinkle
Autumn of My Love by Dick Nosbisch
Ferns by Bernard Werner
The Iris by Kara Wilson
Floral Portrait by William Reith
Calla Lily 1 by Erin L. Curry
Just a Rose by Dean Fikar
Gorge Wall by Roy Money
Ohia Leaf in Sand Depression by Mary Goodrich
Summer Storm by Flueraru Christian
As It Is by Lisa Summer
B and W Pond by Debora Cartagena