B&W: 2012 Portfolio

Photojournalism / Documentary

Disaster Training Site by Lee Grossman
Death 1 by Tracy Moore
Flying Wallendas 1 - Union Fair by Ann L. Krumrein
Healing by Thomas G. Hocker
12 Country Pastor by Richard Tucker
Royal Wedding by Francine Douaihy
Death 3 by Rene Roalf
Francis of Assisi by Steven Hopkins
Portraits  #2 by Alan Hans
Boy by James Helmer
Cowboy Court by Thomas E. Rollins
Pro-War Rally by James Carroll
American by Richard Man
Hard Times by Michael Lee
Judgement Day by David Lykes Keenan
Marching Exodus by Boros Gabor
Evac by Robin Frazier Hunt
Dunk Pitch by Dennis Schlachter
Street Preacher 1 by Hadong Kim
Putting up Firewood by Marty Hipsky
Midday at Railway Station by Adam Tan
Broomball by Glenn Ronning
Untitled 11 by Fattah Zinnouri
Coming and Going by George Pandelakis
Aztec 1 by Ernie Leyba
Reflective Celebration by Kara Wilson
A Moment by Brad Browne
Brand by Shanna Mae Swanson