Chin Tuck Ornament by Joel I. Cossrow
Purloined 5 by Enrique Ahumada
Rodeo Cowboy by Dennis Schlachter
Remnants Two by Tracy Moore
The Chalice Well by Michelle Rogers Pritzl
Untitled 08 by Rudi Neumaier
Apparatus #27 by Lee Grossman
Train Yard by Christopher John Brown
10 Untitled by David Nanni
Railroads 7 by Roberto Soares-Gomes
Dance of the Bridge Lights by Helene Apuzzo
Waiting for Spring to Come by Gabriel Stanciu
Untitled 12 by Keith Broadhurst
Untitled 6 by Nicole Picard
Christ and the Palm Tree by Marti Belcher
Wooden Bridge by Robert Steffen
Behind Windows by Sophia Koopman
Ashes Number 1 by Darrell Sano
Light Fixture and Bulb by Richard Allen Ashmore
Ribboned Chandelier by Fee Chin
Auditorium by Scott Goetz
Security (Fail) by Steve Huth
Milking by Christopher Soule
Monhegan #9 by Alan Hans
Madame by Priscilla Kanady
Train by Chuck Kimmerle
Yale Mortise Lock by Barclay Hurst
High Cross at Monasterboice by Thomas Wells
Elevator by Thomas E. Rollins
Untitled No. 1 by Richard M. Kaplan
Ice by David Kosiur
On the High Road to Taos by Dean Fikar
Parked by the Capitolio by Alan Kornfeld
New York From the Queens by Marco Diniz
Bike by Jose Luis Silva
The Seafarer 2 by Dana Redick
Mesh by Bernard Werner
Lights On by Kara Wilson
Pebbles by JT Lee
Lady in the Mirror by Alan Wood
Amboy Shoe Tree by D. Keith Furon
Horse by Shinya Ichikawa
Flophouse by Paul Roelofs
Barn Lights by Tom Green
The Grotto by Denise Silva
Untitled 1 by Lu Zhang
Untitled 4 by Chuck King
Heaven's Gate by Joanne Scherf
So Close by Susan Annable
Untitled 3 by Cynthia Merzer