Getting to Know You by Kathryn Henley
Walker by Kaye Kittrell
Birth of a Ship 6 by Nenad Saljic
Erin by Bruce Wilkinson
Young Girl by Briar Diggs
Artisan by Manuel O. Hernandez
Nina by Donald H. Fried
El Naranjal by Alan Kornfeld
Goods To Sell by Stan Singer
Last Hope by Pedro Genaro Rodriguez
Cold Shoulders at the Shore by Alan Wood
Self Portrait by William Brennan
Andreas by Vangelis Vassalakis
Parade #3 by Lee Grossman
Contemplation by Andrew Ilachinski
Lolo by Ragna Surges
Celebration by Marilynn Waters
Stage Fright by Harry Longstreet
Danny by Ann L. Krumrein
Frank Noir by Rob MacIntyre
Waiting for Customers by Rick Kattelmann
Aston - Car Detailer by Sam Anvari
Dana by Bruce Wilkinson
The Jillaroo by Steven Hopkins
Beauty Shop by Ellen Yampolsky
Little Devil by John D. Wilkins
Stripes by Mark Gubin
Fly by Magnus Karlson
Camilla by Frans Jacob Krebs
Street Children by John R. Glover
Next Morning by Anne De Geer
Two Women by Bruce Wilkinson
Daisy Arrives by Marilynn Waters
Encounter by Shinya Ichikawa
Nana by Kathryn Henley
Old Lady by Martin Deben Sanchez
Play by Gabriel Stanciu
Coffee Time by David McCleery
Guardian by Richard Tucker
Feeding Pigeons by Bruce Wilkinson
Triste by Aaron Marko
Artemis by Vangelis Vassalakis
Lost in TV Land by Patricia Sweeney
Anne by Vangelis Vassalakis
Untitled 02 by Barbara Warren
49th Street by Paolo Burlando
Geisha by Toni Wallachy
Night Snow Fairy by Christy Kruse
Forever by Martin Deben Sanchez
Mandi by Tom Fleming