The Prayer by Lief Anson Wallace
The Anthem by Harry Longstreet
Meditation by Charles F. Mason
Ketil by Liz Palm
Louis XV by Karian Galustyan
Lancaster Lady by Alan Wood
Kalalau Trail Pig Hunters by Dennis R. Ford
Blindman and his Dog by Scott Fowler
Day to Day #3 by Ethel Kambourian
Sad Eyes by Tony McDonnell
Nick by Liza Golter
Ring Around by Mark Gubin
Two Faces by Wu Yi-Ping
Early Morning by Aaron Marko
Alicia by Richard Tucker
Looking for Answers by Maris Martinson
Woman by Briar Diggs
Untitled 12 by Alan Hans
Mother and Daughter by Eduardo Bermudez
Untitled 5 by Alan Hans
Watching by Rick Kattelmann
Indian Artisan by Paolo Burlando
Baby in Arms by Paul L. Benjamin
Pause by Roy Burbank
Mieke by Richard Tucker
Winter Nap by Andre Roman Medina
Ida by Don R. Kirk
Hardcore by Ellen Yampolsky
Untitled 18 by Alan Hans
The Abstract Artist by Jerry Whitty
Uncertainty by Pedro Genaro Rodriguez
Young Woman by Aaron Marko
Seller by Alicja Gubała
Self Portrait #2 by William Brennan
Asleep by Nenad Saljic
Man with Feather... Waiting by Kathryn Henley
On the Watch by Eduardo Bermudez
Portrait by Susan Mah
Mom with Baloney Sandwich by Rosie Sarage
Untitled by Janeen Macrino
Young Girl by Briar Diggs
Old Face by Lee Grossman
Pepper Field Worker by Marilynn Waters
Love is Not Blind by Kathryn Henley
The Shearer by Steven Hopkins
Untitled 1 by Johannes Rigal
Untitled 10 by Alan Hans
After All These Years by Harry Longstreet
Circus by Mark Gubin
Encantando by Heni Thoma