Brick Wall on Child Pose by Virginia J. Mahan
Angles & Shadows by Steve Zmak
Moonfall at Jumbo Rocks by Gary Zuercher
School Parade by Ronaldo Pichardo
Disney Concert Hall by Christian Henderson
Untitled #18. by Peter Madero III
Dancing Girls On Wall  II New  Orleans-Lisbon by David Patria
Singer by David Patria
Mindy #7 by John Siskin
Cassie #14 by John Siskin
Untitled #19 by Peter Madero III
Woman In Wall by David Patria
Treasury by Barry Homewood
Pandemic BW by Kathleen Sletten
Troll No. 1 by Kathryn McBride
All in a Dream by Diane Norman
Balloon Vendor by Ushi Grant
Head Washer Overseer by William West, Jr.
Stop by Oliver Heckmann
Shadow Man 3 by Dolores Smart
Rotunda by Roberto Soares Gomes
Cracked by Dennis Usdan
Omen by Catharine Carter
Fractured by Gwen Solomon
Lost in Time by Martine Michaud
Portal by Norman Robins
Shadow Man 5 by Dolores Smart
Don Quichotte and Sancho Panza by Martine Michaud
House in the mountains by Scott Fowler
Window Sigh by Ronaldo Pichardo
Vision Under the Hat by Lau Haaning
Duomo rdi Milano by Andrew Tershakovec
Fractured by Michael Stimola
Night is Dark and Full of Terror by Marcel Webb
Old Man and the Sea by Kathryn McBride
Scorpion by Gary Zuercher
Curt #5 by John Siskin