Lady Liberty From EllisIs land Infirmary by Alison Woodward
Portico by Mauricio Mendiola
Bicycle Man by David Witten
Stairs to the Surreal by Mark A. Phillips
From on High by Alice Newton
Water Power by Roger Beck
Zeche Prosper-Haniel by Michael Schultz
Cross by Barry Homewood
Lightplay by Frederick Lim Cung Wei
Untitled 2 by James Fitzgerald
Empire and New Yorker by Matthew Mu
Stairs by Alison Woodward
Umbrellas by Mauricio Mendiola
Children's Game by David Witten
Coquille River Light by Dan McLean
Non-stop by Sara Yerkes
Monk's cell by Rick Menapace
Structure by Frederick Lim Cung Wei
Light by Michael Grimm
Untitled 1 by Robert Kaminski
Untitled #20. by Peter Madero III
Head by Mauricio Mendiola
Baroque perspective illusion by Daniele Regis
Chemistry Gave Birth to the World by Lawrence Kelly
Watching and Waiting by John Eaton
The Octagon by John Eaton
Chicago Building Abstract 1 by Ari Plosker
Cubic Space by Christine Federici
Transcendence by Jessica Margo
Taking Flight At Night by Gerald W. Shonkwiler
Lonely Louvre by Charles H. Carver
Voyager by Maria-Camilla Fiazza
Bypassed-Motel 6 by Irene VanBuskirk
Temple at Dawn by Arun Patel
Walt Disney Concert Hall (Detail) by Ari Plosker
The Baroque of Guarini by Daniele Regis
Prairie Vessel by Larry Bean
Doges Palace by Sorin Costache
Cranes by Kenneth Tyson
Zeche Prosper II by Michael Schultz
Tunnel Walk by Dan McGarrah
Comanche Silo by Larry Bean
Building by Ray Gormann
On the second deck by Frederick Eckert
Construction Yard by William West, Jr.
Leaning Tower by Arvid Fimreite
Pathway by Oliver Heckmann
Berlin Museum by Frederick Eckert
Untitled #4 by Peter Madero III
St. Josephs by Matthew Mu