Inner Courtyard by Arun Patel
Charleston House by Cathy Barclay
Church on a Sun Day by Gerald W. Shonkwiler
Abandoned Church in Winter by Virginia J. Mahan
Oculus by David W. Goodrich
Hallgrimskirkja Church by Kathleen Fischer
Oakland Walk by Christine Federici
Tourist by Rick Menapace
Under the Pier by Kaye Carr Hargis
Cetinje Cafe by David Witten
Spacetube by Oliver Heckmann
Escher in Vegas by Frederick Eckert
Ciclying by Carlos Caruso
Light by Michael Grimm
Light in the Valley by Alice Newton
Solar Stairs by Tom Green
Graceful Descent by Marlene Mendez
Barns in Snow by Frederick Eckert
St. Patrick's Cathedral by William West, Jr.
Seattle Glass 01 by Tom Kirkendahl
Gecko and Chair by David Witten
Golden Gate Sunset by Dana Holt
Vanishing Point by Lou Fischer
E Pluribus Unum by Gary Levy
Bernini's Baldechino by Gerald W. Shonkwiler
Holocaust Hallway by Budd Parker
Alameda Window #2 by Christine Federici
Masterpiece Building by Carlos Caruso
Under the Bridge by Stephen Curtis Wilson
Evening on the Ravenel by Rick Dandridge
Padova Window by Christine Federici
Denver Art Museum by Ray Gormann
Seattle Glass 02 by Tom Kirkendahl
White Dove by Alison Woodward
Shrouded by Jessica Margo
Sprinkmann Building by Stephen Curtis Wilson
The Broad (Detail) by Ari Plosker
Stair Walker by Jennifer Arce
Rush Hour by Rick Menapace
Cowboy Country Church by Larry Bean
Red Rock Bridge by Diane Michaud Lowry
The Rafters by Alison Woodward
Baroque Reflection by Daniele Regis
Paris Goddess by Charles H. Carver
Aztec Kiva by Lou Fischer
Subway Entrance by Ray Gormann
A Closer Look by Alice Newton
6 Gare Do Oriente by William Bullard
Temple by Barry Homewood
Staircase by Rick Menapace