Launch Pad by Leo Binns
Dumpster Art by Susan B. Griffith
Seashell in C-Clamp by Al Crouch
Stone Lanterns by Victoria Ruderman
Yesteryear by Lau Haaning
House of Clouds by Jurgen Dopatka
Artist Studio by Marj Green
Sink by Brandon Saint Christopher Boothe
Thumb by Jenny Devine
Widow's Window by Ed Coyle
Face of a Fender by Virginia J. Mahan
Lighting the Way by Tom Green
Knives and Dice by Wayne Palmer
All but Submerged by Elizabeth Siegfried
Coca-Cola (self-Portrait) by Mary Woodman
Grill by Evan Plunkett
Lost by William Jackson
Cherub by Jerry Kay
Bycycle by Evan Plunkett
WWII Troop Carrier by Vira Sivachuk
Gate to Salvation by Farrell Scott
Shotgun Death Valley by Linda Morrow
In Ruins by Philip Gornicki
Harsh Winter-1 by Elin Dolle
Backstage by Norman Robins
Aye Aye Sir by Gary Levy
She Didn't Know by Lau Haaning
Brass Bed by Arlene Stanger
Missing the Beach by Debbie Scott Queenin
Linked by Rick Dandridge
Truck and Building by Vira Sivachuk
The Broom by Arun Patel
Stairs by Mary Woodman
Egg in Spoon by Irene Hill
Echos of Worship by Ed Coyle
Produce Crates by Lee Permenter,
Window Dressing by Stephen K. Hall
Balloon Race by Dana Holt
Morning by Rick Menapace
Struggle by Elaine Jones Heron
Schoolhouse Beach by Roger Beck
Untitled by Jenny Arevalo
Jet Engine by Randy Weiner
Two Onions by Sara Yerkes
Glass Shadow on Table by Budd Parker
Hay Ties by Sue Wright
Fort Warden Boat #1 by Tommy Gibson
Mirror Reflection by Sandy Lloyd
Old Cabin by Tom Green
Canoe Symphony by Roger Beck