B&W: 2016 Single Image

Architecture / Interiors

Upstairs Hallway by Marj Green
Escape Route by Michael Parvin
Eddie's Drive-In by Alan Wood
Giotto Bell Tower by Steven Greenbaum
NYPL by Robert Hewgley
Heavy Metal by John Eaton
The Cloister by Kay Beausoleil
Brick and Windows by Jack Curran
Sans Souci by Diane Kay
Monastery Evangelistrias by Stephen Hodgetts
Metal Doors by Marj Green
Something is Coming to Me by Herminio Alberti
Kasbah Chellah by Michael Klick
Inner Hafen by Duschan Tomic
In the Basement by John Eaton
Abandoned Jail by Tom Green
Art Deco by Jim and Anne Mitchell
Towers of Babel by Kenneth Tyson
Wrigley Building by Douglas D. Ely
Untitled 3 by Hector Suarez
Sculler by Edwin Close
Zebra Legs by Kathleen Nademus
Stairs by Nathan W. Dean
Apartment Building by John Wylie
Denver Diner by Joe Fretz
Studying Gehry 3 by Karen Henley Colbert
Grain Elevator by Bill Dixon
Paris Church Door by Scott Amling
Aria Falls by Robert Hewgley
Weathered Arches 1 by Erik Nash
Glass Waves by Kathleen Nademus
Staircase In Shadows by Jerold Hale
DTC Identity Monument No 1 by Misha Gregory Macaw
Church Roof Old Town by Stephen Hodgetts