B&W: 2016 Single Image

Architecture / Interiors

Time Travelers' Portal by Ellen G. Ingram
Pasadena City Hall 3 by Erik Nash
Way to Heaven by Herminio Alberti
Scotland by Peter Madero 3rd
Contemporary by Jerry Kay
The Tower by Jarret Quinn
Hard Time by Rich Smukler
Untitled 2 by Hector Suarez
Facade by Joan Moir
City Hall by Dominic Martello
Traces Left Behind by John Eaton
New World Symphony by Bob Neiman
Reflections in a Curve by Duschan Tomic
Highland Park by Erin Bechtold
Disney Concert Hall by John H. Cho
Hollowed Halls by Dominic Martello
Doubled Up Doubled Down by Robert J. Hansen
Medieval Staircase by Herbert Swick
Interesting Wall by Dolph Miller
Looking Up II by John A. Benigno
Coast Guard Station by Albert Zabin
Mill Entry by Robert Steffen
The Fountain by Alicia Gubala
On the Bridge by Nathan W. Dean
Build to Last by Sorin Costache
The Cell by John Eaton
Wabash Bridge Lift by Terry Bowker
Studying Gehry 2 by Karen Henley Colbert
Arch and Texture by Gerald Shonkwiler
Balconies to Heaven by Herminio Alberti
Contemplation by Douglas D. Ely
Ravenel Bridge Detail 1 by Erik Nash
Brussels Roof by Robert Hewgley
Tables are Set by Ray Kingsbury