B&W: 2015 Single Image

Portraiture / Children

Kat by Wendy Roche
Running in Paris by Wayne D. Buhr
Woman's Best Friend by David Lykes Keenan
Distraction by Bob Bader
Turkey Leg by Michael Gora
Tea Server by Stephen K. Hall
Randy by Vera Saltzman
Louie and Human by Michael Gora
Family Drag by Mike-David Bliss
Playing Ball by Insoo Bay
Girl From Jaisalmer by Linda Hollinger
Mangueira by Aida Couto Peres
Dario & Lelia by John Brewton
Waiting by Gabriela Escobar Ari
Hidden by Wendy Roche
Boys at Recess by Jay Seldin
The Four Amigos by Ronaldo Pichardo
The Undertaker by Cathy Sturdivant
Shy by Harry Longstreet
Himba Boy by Susan Braunhut and Dennis Miller
Isis by Don Russell
The Clown by Michael Greig
Watching Fireworks by Michael Gora
H2o Boy by Mike-David Bliss
Aurora by Fattah Zinouri
Deposit Your Own Fare by Ernie Husulak
Sisters by Mitford A. Fontaine
Robert by Nathan Caplan
After the Fall by Bob Bader
Almost Flying by Osvaldo A. Rivera
El Viejo by Jorge Luis Monteagudo
Untitled by Alan Hans
Artist by Tey Hang Seng
Hubert Sumlin by Ryan Hunter