B&W: 2015 Single Image

Portraiture / Children

Untitled 5 by Lars Hyttinen
Bullrider by William Bullard
The Final Call by Bruce B. Barshop
Dani by Mike-David Bliss
Street Conversation by Bob Bader
Barber Shop by Bob Bader
Ali by Ellen Semb Hagen
Harry Potter by Sue Henry
Zelda's Eyes by Carl Shubs
Michele by Patricia Ramaer
Wizard by Larry Colby
Bee Sting by J. Michael Gannon
Leta by Jay Spilker
Woman Braiding Hair by Kathy Conway
Respite by Dolores Smart
Untitled I by Ellen Semb Hagen
Pull Mater by Bruce J. Nichols
Father and Son by Silvestre Machado
Boy with the Trike by Scott Fowler
Himba Man 2 by Susan Braunhut and Dennis Miller
Aunjuna by Chester Ng
Chinatown by Allen Atristain
Blind Caretaker by Jay Seldin
Incognito by Marvin J. Gerstein
Ricardo by Dave Hammaker
The Farm Life by Sorin Costache
Despair by Doug Farrell
Madison & Grandpa by Bob Newman
Abigail 3 by Christy Kruse
Iowa Gothic by Art Shay
The Secret of Life by Suzanne Schneider
Michelle by Anya Sergeev
New Tattoo by Jarret Quinn Hardy
Why do you take pictures by Conrado Gonzales