B&W: 2014 Portfolio

Architecture / Interiors

Dust to Dust by Larry Dennis
Frozen Viaduct by Nicolas Grandmangin
Angle by Silas Toney
Untitled 1 by Jihoon Kim
Man below Oslo Plaza by Svein Nordrum
Deserted by Jennifer Vance
A Proud and Soaring Thing by James S. Heuer
Homage to Hopper by Howard Nepo
Hacienda de San Diego by Ernesto Beall
Multnomah Falls Bridge by Nick Carulli
Belmont Mausoleum by Charles C. Berkeley
Building by Andrew Rashotte
Spiral Up #2 by Steve Ryf
Tower by Vjatscheslav Kharitonenkav
Impression 1 by Eugeniusz Kumorek
Courtyard by Patrick O'Toole
Honolulu Airport by Ronald Reimer
Paveletskaya Station by Chris deMatte
Bridge 1 by Roderick Lyons
Escaleras by Javier Maldonado Munchmeyer
Broken Escape by Aidan Kessler
Courthouse Stairway by Ali Shahrouzi
Abandoned 1 by Tor Waageng
Always Watching by Errick L. Cameron
Orlando Convention Center by S. Aaron Hopkins
Dorena Bridge by Yoshio Oda
Casino by Simon Laufer
Building Series #1 by Irwin Y. Cua
Age of Industry by Jerry Marsico
Bridges by John Birchak
Barn Two Silos by Trent Foltz
Stair Well by Thomas Winter
Arcs by Norman Press
No Way Out by Robert A. Levine