Paul and Ringo by Scott Barnes
Boot by Kathleen A. Sletten
Badlands 11 by Jessica Lutz
A Mile in my Boots by Larry Dennis
Mannequin by Al Sugerman
Blizzard Waves by Nicolas Grandmangin
Torture Cell by Joseph Parisi
Ready for Rent by Curtis Choe
Untitled 2 by Andre Paxiuta
Car Wreck 1 by Bjorn Bjornson
Just Off the Road by Chikiyo Jackson
A Sense Of Place by Steve Wolowitz
Fruitful by Silas Toney
Pier and Ice by Gautam Jaggi
Bird Railing by Wendy Ferrero
Chairs and a Table by Robert Budniak
Untitled 7 by Jihoon Kim
Resting by Jennifer Vance
White Stones on Sand by James W. Kunetka
Barrel Room by Barbara D. Richards
Untitled 5 by Pearse Saines Pinch
Carousel Horse by Howard Nepo
Bicycle Pedal Oradour sur Glane France 2013 by Alain Labbe
Cow Skull on Tree by Ernesto Beall
Hide and Seek by Nick Carulli
Fence & Weed by Otto Knoll
Beech Tree and Memorial by Charles C. Berkeley
Dilemma by Pedro Diaz Molins
Rear Window 1 by Chong Kok Yew
Camille Claudel Sculpture by Robert Frandeen
The Breadmakers 11 by Michael Dorais
But I Bought Them For You by Lau Haaning
Vacation Rental by Bill Davenport
Liberty by Cameron Kline
Untitled 18 by Steve Chinn
Back in Time 1939 by Steve Ryf
Burgers by James Cammack
Back Home by Bob Chilton
Alone by Vjatscheslav Kharitonenkav
Impression 2 by Eugeniusz Kumorek
Bicycle 2 by Patrick O'Toole
Suit of Light by Jackson Nichols
Autoracks Southbound by Eric Williams
Catch by Mark Caceres
63 Ford by Ronald Reimer
Defining The Edge by Pablo F. Rivera
Bridge 11 by Roderick Lyons
Airplane by Javier Maldonado Munchmeyer
Fog by Charly McConnell
City Lights by Aidan Kessler