B&W: 2012 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

From the Old Pantry by Manuel O. Hernandez
53 Bel Air by Alan Kornfeld
VW by Mary Woodman
Chesterfield Lovers 2 by Paul Crampton
Barbed Wire by Richard Allen Ashmore
I've Got An Idea by John Bayler
The Badger by Gregory D. Seman
Samovar by Marj Green
Wood Spider by Jeff Unger
Cosmo by Nicole Picard
Opposite Attraction by Chuck Kimmerle
Procession by Jim and Anne Mitchell
Shape & Light by Jose Jorge G. Brito
Desk and Graffiti by Marj Green
Port Bolivar Community Cemetery by Richard Allen Ashmore
Forgotten Suits by Chuck Kimmerle
Rearview by Patricia Sweeney
Left Behind by Elaine Jones Heron
Country Tableware by Bob Johnson
Why Are You Here by John Bayler
Awaiting the Bride & Groom by Doug Bisson
Bridge by Victoria Ruderman
Nautilus by Mary Woodman
Apparatus #27 by Lee Grossman
Metal by Bob Tapp
Car Wash-Open 24 Hrs. by Alan Wood
Mojito Glasses by Alan Kornfeld
Alcove by Dennis Hodges
Untitled 4 by Michael Garza
Tiles For America 1 by Tara Wood
Tiles For America by Tara Wood
Door To Nowhere by Ryan Hanley
Three Trees Single by Rafal Maleszyk
Portal by Joan M. Ladendorf
Piano Strings by Tom Fleming
Kayak by Gary Matson
Produce a la Carte by Joanne Scherf
Pitcher and Bowl by Marj Green
Tired by Alan Wood
Reflections at the Meyerson 1 by Larry Hurlbut
Ghost Rider by John Bayler
Columns by Susan Hartzell
Graffito by Stefano Germi
Choir Practice by Chuck Robinson
Untitled 3 by Andre Roman Medina
Scrap Metal by William L. Thomas
Gate 7 Diner by Alan Wood
Barrel by Chuck Robinson
Urban Form No.10 by Philip Gornicki
Door by Lu Zhang