B&W: 2010 Single Image

Photojournalism / Documentary

Personaje #3 by Marina Salinas
Sanacion #25 by Efrain Salinas
Homeless Child at Pampulha by Mariangela Bazzoni
Gone Skiing by Barbara Smith
Boi Bumba Troupe by Babara House
Philadelphia by Lynn Rae Fenimore
About to be Hit by John McGill.
Pedaling Logs to Market by Rick Kattelmann
Wallstreet 3 by Noah Addis
Untitled 2 by Mahesh Daniel
Ace of Wands by William Cook-Haigwood
Junkyard Skyline by George E. Sperzel
Refugee from Tibilisi by Beata Wolniewicz
WinterTime I (from the series Vittorio) by Paul C. Smits
Sears Tower from the Train by George E. Sperzel
Untitled 19 by Tony Joseph
Ingot Molds by Thomas G. Hocker
Scary Mounted Klansman by James R. Holland
Young Boy near Checkpoint Charlie by Sven Martson
The Electrician by Peggy Fontenot
Brian Butcher by Dan Plunkett
Two Monks by Jamie Johnson
Nantes Demonstrator by Richard Tucker
Untitled 10 by Mahesh Daniel
Setting Fire to Cross by James R. Holland
Genocide by Jamie Johnson
Hospital Waiting Room 2 by Hal Kaye
Farrier 2 by Virgil DiBiase
Lava by Alvis Upitis
View From a Train by George E. Sperzel
Dispossessed by Steve Huth
Children in Flooded Zone by Mikel Flamm
Untitled 13 by Mahesh Daniel
Nantes Demo 1 by Richard Tucker
Untitled 9 by Tony Joseph
Villagers Salvaging Metal after Sichuan Earthquake by Mikel Flamm
Farewell by Beata Wolniewicz
Content by Kaitlyn Vander Broek
Strasse des 17 Juni by Sven Martson
La Cruz by Efrain Salinas
Dutchess  Fair by Alvis Upitis
Korean Wall Soldier by Kevin Babcock
Prayer by Beata Wolniewicz
Baghdad Driver by Martin Olsen
So Tired by Hal Kaye
Ace of Pentacles by William Cook-Haigwood
KKK Rally Police Lines by James R. Holland
Witch Doctor by Babara House