B&W: 2010 Single Image

Photojournalism / Documentary

The Breadmakers #3 by Steve Huth
Rest in Peace by Susan Stone
Coshocton Main Street 2009 by John A. Gauerke
Jonesport Fishermen by Ann L. Krumrein
Earthquake by Peggy Fontenot
Untitled 14 by Mahesh Daniel
View From a Train by George E. Sperzel
French Fries by Kirill Surov
Solidarity by Linda Kay Isbell
Protest by Beata Wolniewicz
Duh, What's Up Doc by James R. Holland
Orphanage in Cambodia by Jamie Johnson
Assisted Living by Brooke Retherford
Funeral Procession by Thomas G. Hocker
Charcoal Seller by Thomas G. Hocker
Imperial Wizard Robert Shelton by James R. Holland
Road Gravel by Dan Richard Barber
The Sound of Silence by David Bowman
Page of Swords by William Cook-Haigwood
Living Room by Bill Johnson
Wallstreet 2 by Noah Addis
Street Furniture by Sven Martson
Untitled 6 by Mahesh Daniel
Different Lives by David Bowman
Sanacion #1 by Efrain Salinas
Wallstreet 1 by Noah Addis
Protection-Basra by Marty Olsen
Miami Tracks by Benno Auerbach
Snowbirds Acrobatics by Robin Bassett
Holocaust Memorial by Jim Lustenader
Maple Syrup Season by John W. Corry
Sámi Lapland by Birgitte Aarestrup
Horsemen Waving American Flag by James R. Holland
Mother and Child by David Bowman
Scrap Cutting by Thomas G. Hocker
Monk House by Jamie Johnson
Hospital in Koforidua by Beata Wolniewicz
Steel Mill by Harry McElroy
Anticipation by Carol Stanley
Uncertainty by Jure Kravanja
Old Monk by Jamie Johnson
Front Door by Bill Johnson
Tattered and Torn by Kaitlyn Vander Broek
Under the Pier by Sanford Davis
Entry by Bill Johnson
KKK Rally Tractor by James R. Holland
Rush Hour by Jamie Johnson
Mother and Daughter by Sven Martson
Sitting in the Sun by John McGill.