No. 126 April 2018 : Black & White : For Collectors of Fine Photography

Issue No. 126

  1. Expressions: Roman Loranc: A Meditative View

    Roman Loranc, one of the few holdouts among fine art photographers still shooting 4×5 sheet film with his Linhof view camera, loves telling this story: “I was photographing in the Ukraine several years ago, and had decided one morning to shoot some pictures in an old train station. I didn’t know that photography was not permitted there; that it was actually illegal to do so. After I’d set up the 4×5 and had exposed a few sheets of film, a police officer asked what I was doing, and then arrested me when I told him. He quickly inspected my camera and then called his supervisor over, and they began talking rapidly in Russian.

  2. Rearview Mirror : Yair Agmon: Dissident Images

    In his quest to understand the history of relations between Israelis and Palestinians, Israeli photographer, filmmaker and educator Yair Agmon was surprised and intrigued by the trove of photographs he found in The American Colony’s Matson Collection, now housed in the United States Library of Congress. Among the vast Photo Department archive of landscapes and biblical motifs designed to attract religious tourism to Palestine in the early 20th Century, Agmon’s eye was caught by images documenting daily life beginning in 1898, before the League of Nations-mandated British rule of Palestine, through 1944 and the subsequent partition establishing the state of Israel.

  3. Spotlight: Oliver Stegmann Portfolio Contest Winner

    “The not-so-obvious, not-so-clear pictures are the most interesting ones to me.”

  4. Spotlight: Chrystina Geagan Parks Single Image Winner Animals