41 Cooper Union Atrium by John Van Aken
The Palace by Ana Serif
Cathedral of Saint John Divine by Susan B. Griffith
Hoover Dam by Christopher Poese
Hotel Bar by Gregory Allen Butler
Abstract by Mitchell Spencer
Natural History Museum by Dr. George R. Ujvary
Building Detail by Barbara Bender
41 Cooper Union Bldg by John Van Aken
The Light by Todd Kowalski
La Porte by Rodney Gene Mahaffey
White Columns by Mary Woodman
Yellow Steps by Barbara Bender
Urban Slit Canyon by Roger Lieberman
Swallowed by Carol Janik
Gethsemane 2 by Elisabeth Groat
Chapel by Dr. George R. Ujvary
Church by Christopher Poese
Cathedral by Darrell Sano
Bradbury Building by Beate Sass
Rookery Building Lobby by Martin Steinhausen
Night Music by Don Howe
Oia House by Don Russell
Freedom by Jill Ediger
Disney Center by Dale Leifeste
Greenhouse Window by Melissa O'Shaughnessy
Untitled 2 by Steve Ryf
Currents by Charlsie Shaver
High Line Park 2 by Naudia Claudi
Contemplating Freedom by Jerome D. Julius Jr.
Danny Norman's Train by Joanna Knox
Sunset Reflections by Susan Propper
Broadway @ Thames Street by John Van Aken
Black Windows by Bradford Dunlop
Thankfully Blue by Dennis Fritsche
Untitled 1 by Keith Harper
Architectural Geometry by Barbara Bender
Gripped by Carol Janik
A Walk Into the Future by Jerry Eisner
Green Doors by Rodney Gene Mahaffey
Elevator by Paul Wittreich
The Narrows by Mary Woodman
ChryslerTower by John Van Aken
Shinjuku Skyscraper by Dale Leifeste
Chateau De Caumale by Colby Chester
Boat House by John Peterman
Hotel Lobby by Dale Leifeste
Industrial 12 by Stefano Sagri
Minkowski Skyline by W. Patrick Day
Room by Paul Wittreich