Color: 2010 Portfolio

Digital Conceptualization

A Hat For This by Allan R. Lamb
Broken Marriage by Jeff Wiles
Broken by Robert Steffen
Landscape 05 by Charles Harris
Concrete Balls by Paul Matte
Autumnal Glass by Jari Poulin
Baby Buildings by Bruce Bowles
4 Ever by Craig Akabak
Graffiti Doorway by Anthony Luzi
52 Pick-Up by Sharon Arnold
Exposure Fusion  - Leaves In Forest by Eileen Duranko
A Desk Chair by Ray Fannin Jr.
Sky-line by Roger Humbert
Figurative 11 by Julius Friedman
In the Fog #1 by Andrea Miatto
Ice Horse by Brian Barrer
Castrati by Bruce R. Croffy
A Brief History of Civiization by Charlie Le May
3 Days 2 Nights by Craig Worth
It is Complete by Erin Sparler
Dreams of the Sacrifice 1 by Gene Newell
Flying Suitcase by Heiner Pflug
And Tonight by Jay Schadler
In the Beginning there was Physics by Jess Merrill
Barkameleon in its Element by John F. Johnson
Contemplating Patrick by John L. Coker
Calliope by Robert Petersen