Color: 2011 Single Image

Pattern / Texture

Cosmic Energy by Barbara Bender
Crackle by Melissa Brown
Desert Painting by Laurits Haaning
Bubble by Mary Woodman
Urchin by Mary Woodman
Untitled 3 by Izalia Roncallo
Midway Number Two by Bradford Dunlop
Nut n Rust by Michael R. Stoklos
Ferris Wheel by Jane Heater
Miner's Work by Laurits Haaning
Reflections at the Windspear 2 by Larry Hurlbut
For Vincent by Laurits Haaning
Chaos by Camden Ashley Hosea-Small
Kiln Shelf by Marilynn Waters
Unraveling Light by Susan B. Griffith
Shell #5 by Mary Woodman
Untitled 2 by Janet Weaver
Wave Length M25 by Andrew Stanford
Untitled 1 by Izalia Roncallo
Deep Blues and Greens by Kathy B. Shapiro
Fractured by Bradford Dunlop
Atrium by Myra Elizabeth Elliott
Water Reflections 3 by Alex Hoffmaister
Old Maine Tractor by Marybeth Flower
Rusty Cloud by Annekathrin Hansen
Moment Phone by Michael Flinn
Blue Butterfly by Kathy B. Shapiro
Siena Wall by Charles Fillhardt
Pinks and Purples by Kathy B. Shapiro
Untitled 4 by Izalia Roncallo
Specular Waters by Louis Montrose
Petroglyph by Rosemary Ahmnn
Kaleidoscope by Myra Elizabeth Elliott
Arch Angle by Paul A. Olsen