Color: 2011 Single Image

Portraiture / Children

Co-Opting History by Robert Fischer
Olivia by Jack Knox
Cathy by Kevin D. Couture
Glee in a Timeless Hallway by Michael Barath
Untitled 6 by Julius Friedman
Watching by Jack Knox
Drop Dead Red by Jim and Anne Mitchell
Gypsies in Paris by Scott L. Gibson
Window Shopping by Joan M. Ladendorf
Chris by Robert Petersen
Girl in Snowstorm by Steve Satushiek
Red by Melody Andrews
Sisters by Annelise Day
Blindfold by Clifford Baker
Late Sunday Afternoon by Robert C. Jenks
The Conversation Claremont by Marilynn Waters
Picture Taker by John A. Sargent Jr.
Nomads 3 by James Johnson
Tow Away Zone by Ron Herst
Brendan after the Pool by Patricia Sweeney
Heiress by Craig Evensen
Reflective Moments by Laurie B. McCormick
Olivia by Lars J. Hyttinen
Child with Dad by Rick Summerhill
Chess Hustler by Jack Knox
Last Call by Craig Evensen
Bull Moose by Abigail Wellman
Free Comic Book Day - The Ripper by Debra Klecan
Casey by Abigail Wellman
Gossip 1 by James Johnson
Untitled by Brittany Marie Bauman
Anna by Tim Johnston
The Poet (Dick Allen) by Lawrence Russ