Columns by Brandon Lee
Rave #1 by Alan Wood
Architecture 4 by Linda Koopman
Grain Cathedrals by Allan Goodman
Fountain by Gustav Liliequist
Little Guatemala by Dan Richard Barber
The Door by Jim DeLutes
Mother's Light by Sarah Flanagan Thibault
If Walls Could Talk by Alan Wood
Untitled by Michal Sowa
Gaudi Stairs by Charles Fillhardt
La Placita Passage by Tom Jewett
Balcony Seating by Toni Wallachy
Patchwork by Joan M. Ladendorf
Sun on the EMP by Del Hoffman
Untitled 2 by Amy Carroll
View and Reflections by Joan M. Ladendorf
Garnet Hotel by Jane Heater
Bedside Manner by Toni Wallachy
Elevator by Michael Penn
Bridge to Granite Ranch by Harry O'Connor
Shed In Winter by Joseph Romeo
Chinese Food by Dan Richard Barber
Getty Museum by Allan Goodman
Architecture 1 by Linda Koopman
Architecture 2 by Linda Koopman
Suburbia E by Paul Eekhoff
The Mothership by Nathaniel Johnson
Suburbia C by Paul Eekhoff
Tillman Hall by Kevin Godfrey
Mission by Jim and Anne Mitchell
Reflections of Sydney Harbour Bridge by Bente Andermahr
Old Homestead by Stan Singer
Dark Sky Barn by Carol MacLeod
Untitled 01 by K.T. Shiue
Folded Edge by Andy Shield
Stairs by Aurelio Martinez
Amish Farm by Joseph Romeo
Untitled 2 by Melissa Schulz
T for Tower by Camden Ashley Hosea-Small
Fractured by Teresa Baber
Behind Bars by Barbara Bender
Abandoned Farm by Joseph Romeo
Vint Hill Barn by Joseph Romeo
Palouse Barn by Rita Pignato
Room to Roam by Magnus Stark
Peaks Island by Rick Menapace
Eastern Building by Adrien McKechnie
Bridge #4 by Mary Woodman