Color: 2011 Portfolio

Portraiture / Children

Best Friends by Moira Pernambuco
Solange by Grisel Cambiasso
Private Thoughts 1 by Thomas M. Mueller
Sister 1 by Maria Szemplinska
After Burn by Gert Basson
Blue Shoes by Susan Neville
Expecting by Ann Brandeis
Blue Eye by Joanne Pooler
Faces at the Market 11 by Rebecca Rothey
Spring 1 by Alessandro Sakoff
02 by Catherine Hall
Alice and Fritz (siblings) by Beril Gulcan
Guadalupe Zarate by Antonio Gonzalez Pardo
April I by Rudi Amedeus Blondia
IDP Girl 1 by Kristin Belew
Transition 2 by Joshua Niven
Newstand Kids in the Rain by Steve Spehar
Tears of Joy I by Michael Skaggs
Ortho-Girl by Jared Alechman
60 Years Together by Jane E. Baron
Daydream 1 by Beverly LaRock
Curiosity by Stephanie Randazzo