Color: 2011 Portfolio

Still Life / Objects

Sailboa by Gary Newton
A Chorus Line by Jamie Heiden
Blue Dumpster by Travis Rubury
Celebrate by James Mario
Car Building by Eduardo Bermudez
Barelang I by Rudi Amedeus Blondia
BBQ Jesus by Diane Kirkland
Bathed in Light by Maia Reim
Colored Glass by Benaiah Cusack
Wrecking Yard Study #6 by Lee Santa
Canned Ham by Wayne Young
It's a Guy Thing by Ron Greiner
A Stable Existence by Cait Molloy
Ice Stains by Bill Murphy
Blue Sky by Amer Neeley
Five and Ten by Harry O'Connor
Mo's Glasses by Jared Alechman
Compressor by Ron Matson
Boat Reflections by Will Venard
Changing Room #9 by Lee Saloutos
Arrow and Capitol by Jeffrey Opp
Diner Stools by Catherine Beckman
Open 96 Hours by Jason Arends
Explosive Sound by Donald Thornsburry
Bar Stools by Andre Gallant
Brooms by Stuart Posner
Quinoa Salad by Tristin Kroening
Amish Clothing by Lynn Gregg
Company Mill by Thomas M. Grzebien
God's Eye by Benedetto James Patrizio
Four Boats by Mia Wisnoski
Convenience by Malika Sgalli
P1011203 by Damon Shell