Atlanta Series #3 by Rodney Gene Mahaffey
Bird 2 by Carolyn S. Cogan
Untitled #020 by Jane A. Spencer
At Home on the Range by Gregory Collins
The Scramble that is Fall by Doug Bisson
Flight by Rick Menapace
Dinner Time by Bob Demchuk
Wolf 1 by Ellie Whitsett
2 Koi and a Goldfish by Tara P. Zehnder
Boise Morning by Bruce R. Croffy
All Eyes by Dennis H. Miller
Koi #1 by Jeffrey David Nicholas
Down looking Up by T. G. Wilcox
Untitled 102 by Derek Tyrone McClure
Cows in Paddock by Jan Glover
The Cat 2 by Mitchell Ozog
Bushy Head by Derek Neidig
I Can See You by Kirk Douglas Grace
Crane Dance I by Susan Carnahan
Man by Kendall Bouchlas
Arctic Mood #15 by Gary Shallcross
Seagull by David Vanegas
Blue Heron 6 by Richard Paul Weiblinger
Peacock Stare by Kristin Belew
Ducks at Dawn Reflected by Betsy Braunhut
The Blue Moose by Tom Alvarez
Cucciolo by John Scanlan
Duck by Grisel Cambiasso
Black Cormorant by Thomas Parry
Dog Beach 10 by Jim Gilles
Chai Time by Gert Basson
Close Encounter by Lisa Starling
Gathering Pollen by Joanne Pooler
Sandhill Crane Morning by Branson Reynolds
Brazilian Cardinal by Ron Colbroth
Meeting in Front of the Church by Eduardo Bermudez
At Rest in Lilacs by Christine Laing
Bee by Julius Lester
Aquarium Series No. 10 by Mati Maldre
Duane's Brand 028 by Rod Fuglestad
Beyond Words by Rachel Therrien
Krewe of Barkus (Mardi Gras) by Steve Spehar
Organique 3 by Jared Alechman
Monkey 1 by Marta Diaz Romo
Earl's Eye by Jason Arends
Esperanza by Tristin Kroening
Enthusiasm by Greg Tucker
Blue Heron by Daniel Ruf
Bird on a Wire by Steve Shay