B&W: 2011 Portfolio

Travel / People / Places

Looking Back by Lee Grossman
Pagoda of Cishou Temple by Michael Flicek
Lovers above the Danube by Jack Knox
CITY Rush Hour by Barry Steven Greff
Change by D. Keith Furon
Fragment Of Memory IV by Igor Svibilsky
Buddhist Shrine by Steve Dzerigian
Admiralty by Michael Kirchoff
Metro Line 3 by Stan Raucher
Man in Rain by Richard Tucker
12 p.m. by Ilya Genin
Festival 1 by Jack Delmonte
Small Plastic Dog by Tom Key
MOMA by Lemore Zausner
Lateral Compression 1 by David Bardes
Good Morning 06 by Wu Yi-Ping
Homestead by Daniel Rice
Solitude by Ronaldo Pichardo
Alive Statue by Vassilis Constantineas
Atlas And St Patricks Cathedral by Steve Ellaway
Baba Smoking by Oliver Stegmann
Castle in the Clouds by Sam Ward
At Dusk by James Carroll
Conwy Castle by Joel Simpson
Back Street by Robert Weir
Turn to the Spring by Margarita Passmore
Bent Pyramid by Angela Casagrande
Chinese Checkers by Ezra M. Denman
Birds on a Bridge 3 by Manaz Ganji
Venice 10 by Paolo Salcido
Conversation by Stuart D. Zaro
Molera by Claire Lerner
Fish Market 2 by Alex Davis
Bamboo Worker by Ron Discipulo
Colonnade in Shadow by Cynthia Merzer
Bug Light by Frederick A. Kaufman
Aging Beauty by Neeley Main
Kindness by Jain Jeong
Arriving by W. Edward Blow
Arch by Douglas L. Carter
Untitled 1 by Donald J. DeSisto
Chef by Maria-Helena Markkula
Cathedral Rocks from El Capitan Meadow by Paolo Ameli
Former stars by Franco Sambo
Getting ready to leave by Angelica Thomson
Board Game by Peter Dressel
Midtown Tunnel by Felix Michael Mosca
Sunset Drive by Robert Beckman Breen
Church in Nurio by Brian L. Overcast
Animal Market by Paul Cohn