In Shadows 1 by Jeremiah Cogan
Apple Staircase 1 by Bert Ihlenfeld
Euclid and Oasis Ave by D. Keith Furon
Vatican Hallway by Cleo Wilkinson
Ghost Town I Tintype by Igor Svibilsky
Untiltled 1 by Carolyn S. Cogan
Outside 1 by Elsa Mota Gomes
Barn by Richard Tucker
Mysterious Portals 1 by Andrew Ilachinski
Bata Factory 1 by Jack Delmonte
St-Eustache #1 by Richard Douglas
Eagles Tower 202 by Armando Cardoso
A Church Inside a Church 1 by Nenad Saljic
Lateral Compression 2 by David Bardes
Union Station by Rees Gordon
Cocoa Bean Drying by Ronaldo Pichardo
Light on Rocky Point Ranch… by Duain Wood
El Fortin de la Morita - Shadows II by Keith Blandford
Guggenheim Museum by Kenneth Kaplan
Arches 10 by Bill Saul
Cliff Dwelling 1 by Dong P. Phung
San Leon Tx by Robert Weir
Eastern State Penitentiary 1 by Stanley P. Silverman
Shapes And Lines by Brad W. Eble
Bandshell by Christopher U. Light
The Angel's Wing by Al Saulso
Eastern Building by Ron Discipulo
AK Smiley Hall by Robert Roney
Correlation by Jain Jeong
Homeless #12 by Robert L. Chacona
Newel Weld County Courthouse by Ron Lutz
Behind the Karl Marx Allee by Abigail Gossage
Cleveland Flats 11 by Stefano Sagri
Battery Park City 2 by Lou Nash
Mission San Gregorio de Abo by Jim Shoemaker
Bagels & Brownstone by Felix Michael Mosca
Avalanche Shed by Craig Alan Huber
Staircase by Paul Cohn
Capitol by Michael Anthony
7b rue du Faubourg Montmarte by Dennis Ford
The Alibi Bar by David Patterson
Biosphere by Ron Harris
Closing Time by Paul Smits
Canyon Reflections by W.R. Middleton
Church Grounds by Jim LaRocco
Barn by Stefini Borcoman
Greenhouse 1 by Michel Taupin
Hovenweep Castle by lan McConnell
Behind The Window 1 by Joao Ramires Fernandes
Industry No 01 by Martin Neuss