B&W: 2011 Single Image

Pattern / Texture

Infinity by Mr. Stevo
A Basis by Dennis Michael
White On White by Barbara Bender
Water Unleashed by Larry Hurlbut
Convention Center Floor by Don Jacobson
Standing Seam Shadows 1 by Jane A. Spencer
World View 2 by JW Johnston
Photocatalysis by Dennis Michael
Curves And Arches by Barbara Bender
Breaking Out by Zsuzsanna Sterl Hernandez
Untitled 1 by Janet Weaver
Roofline by Barbara Bender
Fireworks by Domingo Batista
Winter Lines by Barbara Bender
Church Pews by Dennis Hodges
Seaweed by Dennis Fritsche
Shingle 2 by Sophia Koopman
Ceiling Shapes by Edward Feldmann
Baroque by Chris Coffey
Curls by Zsuzsanna Sterl Hernandez
Sharing by Mr. Stevo
Pegasus 2 by Larry Hurlbut
Spectacular by Jim & Anne Mitchell
Pond Foam by Alan Henriksen
Tree Bark by Mirko Vincic
Palimpsest by Joan M. Ladendorf
Borgesian Cell by Andrew Ilachinski
Untitled #5 by Richard Douglas
Dome by Barbara Bender
Untitled 7 by Alfred Ng Wai Sian
Grasses by Paul Hetzel
DSC 4772 by Len Sciacchitano
Forest Reflections by Alan Henriksen
Platinum and Paste by Jan Wolyniak