B&W: 2011 Single Image

Pattern / Texture

Infinity by Mr. Stevo
A Basis by Dennis Michael
White On White by Barbara Bender
Water Unleashed by Larry Hurlbut
Convention Center Floor by Don Jacobson
Standing Seam Shadows 1 by Jane A. Spencer
World View 2 by JW Johnston
Photocatalysis by Dennis Michael
Curves And Arches by Barbara Bender
Breaking Out by Zsuzsanna Sterl Hernandez
Untitled 1 by Janet Weaver
Roofline by Barbara Bender
Fireworks by Domingo Batista
Winter Lines by Barbara Bender
Church Pews by Dennis Hodges
Seaweed by Dennis Fritsche
Shingle 2 by Sophia Koopman
Ceiling Shapes by Edward Feldmann
Baroque by Chris Coffey
Curls by Zsuzsanna Sterl Hernandez
Sharing by Mr. Stevo
Pegasus 2 by Larry Hurlbut
Spectacular by Jim & Anne Mitchell
Pond Foam by Alan Henriksen
Tree Bark by Mirko Vincic
Palimpsest by Joan M. Ladendorf
Borgesian Cell by Andrew Ilachinski
Untitled #5 by Richard Douglas
Dome by Barbara Bender
Untitled 7 by Alfred Ng Wai Sian
Grasses by Paul Hetzel
DSC 4772 by Len Sciacchitano
Forest Reflections by Alan Henriksen
Platinum and Paste by Jan Wolyniak
Building Detail by Barbara Bender
Rock Pattern by Michael Slack
Steps by Tom Kirkendall
Up by Tiana Hunter
Reflections at the Windspear 2 by Larry Hurlbut
Balconies by Khunya Lamat Pan
Bubbles 2 by Alex Hoffmaister
Courtyard by Dennis Hodges
Slave Worker Grafitti 1944 by Jack Delmonte
Mug Shot by Barbara Bender
Spanish Steps by Dennis Hodges
Final Exit by Luc Laflamme
Pt. Lobos Rock by Curt Palm
Snowstorm by Barbara Bender
Face in the Wood by Joseph Constantino
Nailed by Terry Farrugia