Walk a Mile in My Shoes by Philip Lawrence
Martina by Laura Rossi
Body Study by Laura Rossi
Cuban Woman by Aaron Marko
Untitled 1 by Tiana Hunter
Navajo Indian by Juan Carlos Radzinschi
We All Fall Down 1 by Sean Hoisington
Psalm by Mike Cavanaugh
Mia by Jason Jilg
The Challenge by Jon Kolkin
Untitled 7 by Carmina Bernardo
Jesse by Heather Craig
Artist by Kaliopy
Corporate Climber by Leslie A. Wilkinson
Chained by Giorgio Constantine
Me Waiting by Len Sciacchitano
Kari by Bob Chitrakar
Breathe by Tiana Hunter
Spanish Eyes by Rees Gordon
Reflection of a Kiss by Brandon Lee
In The Field by Michael Sensenstein
Abuelas by Brent Goudreau
Jessie And Chantilly Lace by Michael Slack
Looking Beyond by Michael Sensenstein
King by Tiana Hunter
Half Veil by Rees Gordon
The Foot by Anne De Geer
Brown Paint by Lee Ann McGuire
Their Moment by Lesley Nowlin
Papa by Juan P. Martinez
Untitled by Patricia de Ocio Dudley
Mermaid Fountain by Dolores Smart
Serife Hanım by Sevki Umit Ozgen
Georgia Fan by Tom Key
Cornet Player by Jack Delmonte
Young Smokers by Jeff Martin
NYC Mood by Edward Feldmann
Departure by Thomas Harrison
Untitled 2 by Carly Thoraval
Young Couple At Roller Derby Bout by Glenn Larsen
Joy by Byong-Ho Kim
Untitled 2 by Carmina Bernardo
Monstrous by Jenn Wilson
Changzhou by Tom Key
Waiting by Ken Oakes
Andy by Barbara Manners
Emily by Ran Shapita
Zach by Steven Dembo
Shadowed Highlights by Alex DeVilbiss
Waiting by Sophie Ghedin