B&W: 2011 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Wigwam Motel by Michael Marquess
Train Brake Wheel by Tom Green
Old Door by Lorin R. Robinson
Untitled 4 by Zebulon Goodell
Tower Of Gods by Daniel Rice
Broken by Elena Ehrenwald
Watch Gears by Barbara Hazen
Pier Pilings and Light by Mike Kwiatkowski
Wood Grain by Rick Menapace
Secret Garden by Rosa Calderon
San Ildefonso by Juliet R. Harrison
Untitled by Lauren R. Linehan
Swings Under Storm by Leopoldo Pena
Window Seat No.6 by Tom Key
Just Listen by David K. Wallace
Cemetary by Lee Ann McGuire
Weston's Car by Sergio Dennis
Seen Better Days by Shelley Stockton Wynn
Michigan Schoolhouse by Thomas Harrison
Pear and Bowl by Mary Woodman
Timber Bridge by Robert Pohl
Legs by Geo Oplaat
Chair with Spruce Tree by Michael Ferguson
Priscilla's House by Tom Nora
The Shoes by Kristina West
Low level listening by David K. Wallace
Abandoned Car by Frank Brueske
Untitled 5 by Gary Guild
Classic Pontiac by Paul Ng
ORN197's Boiler Exposed by Christopher Markk Perez
Plastic Bag by Robert Hecht
Railroad Hardware by Tony French
Metal Leaf by Katherine Burness
Dock at Hyannis by Adrian Roland Davis