C for City by Robert Truran
Shafts Through Shoji by Judy King
Ice by David Wolf
Distortion by Marilyn Baldi
Mindful Bodhisvattva by Marilyn Baldi
Static Dynamic 2 by Marry Wolf
Crystal Ball Illusion by Ellen Ingram
Hungry Slinky by Mike Eubanks
Curvilinear by Marilyn Baldi
Lux Forma 3 by Erik Nash
Flight by Arthur Jacoby
Surf Beast by Michael Singer
Fishmarket by Kay Beausoleil
Standing Tall by Harvey Silber
The Absence of Pain by Jeremy Beckman
The Pyramid Squared by Jeremy Beckman
Fingers by Robert Truran
Black and White Abstract by Donna Parker
Lux Forma 4 by Erik Nash
Place to Congregate by Marilyn Baldi
Lux Forma 2 by Erik Nash
Refracted Light by Marry Wolf
House by Lesia Maruschak
Fan-Tastic Buildings by Judy King
Petroglyphs by Rik Palm
Portal by Michael Singer
Interference #1 by Jürgen Dopatka
Labyrinth by Sara Szpektor
Descent by Arthur Jacoby
Strong of Pearls by Christine Truhe
Radiating Pride by Christine Truhe
Jet Engine Fan Blade by Joe Marabito
Bicycle Abstract by Karen Curran
Slow Boil 2 by Thomas Gilson
Shadows in SF MOMA by Marilyn Baldi
Epiphany by Jeremy Beckman
Gehry Geometry by Marilyn Baldi
Muddy by Stephen Bitel
Shadows on the Church by Robert Blum
Window Abstract by Tom Green
Refraction and Shadow by Harvey Silber
Light & Shadows by Stuart Lieberman
Fracture by Taiwik David Chui
Grid Rock by Rik Palm
Cubism Arched Interior by Marilyn Baldi
Flakey by Stephen Bitel
With Darkness Comes Light by Danielle Hollander
Total Eclipse of the Sun by Melissa Lackey
Abstract by Karen Curran
Lux Forma 1 by Erik Nash