Bird by Joe Sack
Serenity by Kay Hale
Rhonda Reclined by Lisa Kachajian
Flying Tango by John Gribbin
Western Lore by Maura Allen
Nkoveni Mother by Marilyn Maxwell
Dance With Me 2 by Sorin Costache
Brown Hawk 1 by Tony Barbour
Showtime by Javid Kamali
A Committee of Vultures by Charles West
Careful Cub by Marilyn Maxwell
Snow Geese in Flight by Diane Michaud Lowry
To Soar by Arthur Jacoby
Female Lion by Deborah Kozura
Dreaming of Flying by Richard O'Neill
Got It! by Alan Hart
Donkey Dreams by Candace Kubinec
Five O'Clock Shadow by Gary Levy
Out of the Jungle by Sanford Davis
Lion by Deborah Kozura
Looking Baaaaaaack by Laurie Blanksma
Birds on Wires by Jack Feder
Peek a Boo by John Kuhn Jr.
Playtime by Anne Dignam
Meditation by Robin Zygelman
Unbridled by Chris Walker
Polar Plunge by Daniel Ashe
Solitude by Chris Walker
Into the Light by John Gribbin
Journey by Joan Moir
Spots on Mirror by Chris Walker
Baby Elephant by Geffrard Bourke
Egret and Moss by Dennis Fritsche
Brown Hawk 2 by Tony Barbour
A Pelican's Peace by Jenn Lawrence
Curious Fellow by Daniel Ashe
American Eagle by Daniel Ashe
Regrets by Laurie Blanksma
Butterfly in the Sun by Patricia Lewis
In Search Of by Tony Barbour
Mustang by Tom Croce
Horse Portrait by Daniel Ashe
New Friends by Richard Batch
Metamorphosis II by Joan Moir
Hippo Yawn by Geffrard Bourke
Lying in Wait by Laurie Blanksma
Serene Lion by Mary F Ruppert
My Best Side by Kay Beausoleil
Lonesome by Sanford Davis
Bald Eagle by Rosemary Williams