B&W: 2022 Portfolio

Cityscape / Street

Tracks by Gerald Dietrick
Clover Grill by Tyler Vance
OMG! by Jim Lustenader
Main Street by Michael Stoklos
Iceland is kept warm ! by Francis Elsocht
Restaurant Paul on Rue de Seine by Taiwik David Chui
Hackstand at Monteleone Hotel by Charles Crain
Neglected - Downtown by Bohdan Hrynyshyn
9 Prisa by Beatriz Martinez
Sitting Man by Paul Italiano
Young Woman and Bicycle by Pete Hendley
Market by Janis Tratnik
Service Him by Ed Sancious
Albuquerque Alley #41 by Dave Sova
CPW 3 by James Manfredonia
New York Streets 4 by Geffrard Bourke
Little Odessa 11 by Marna Bell
Box Junction by Jason Au
Towards the Light by Samuel Vovsi
Newhall0110 by Alan Lemire
Day of the Dead 1 by William Bullard
Untitled 9 by Esther Roberts
Napoli 8 by Rob Haff
Aged Architecture by George Loustalet
Deep Conversation by Denise M Silva
Houston Library by Osamu Watanabe
BandW-2 by Alan Hans
Shattered Sky by Brian Peyton
Pioneer Street by Stan Kuran
Reflections at the Bean - The Red Ballon by Curtis Fedder
Spadina Ave by Fabrice Strippoli
Riverwal at Sunset by Fulvio Masuero
Home project nr 08 by Arvid  Fimrette
Vaulted Forest by Jo Don
Ursulines by Steve Siegel
Horses and Men by Naima Hall