B&W: 2022 Portfolio

Travel / People / Places

Native American Remnants 2 by Jim Shoemaker
Airing the Laundry by Gerald Dietrick
Subway vibe 01 by Silvestre Machado
Brahmin by Robi Chakraborty
Westfriesedijk 6 by Linda Koopman
Untitled #7 by Kenneth C. Evans
Coliseum Detail 2 by Stuart Williams
Sidecar by Shinya Ichikawa
Their own place on the Seine by Scott Pollock
Rural Delivery by Debbie  L. Rubin
Once In A Hundred Years 7 by Margrieta Jeltema
Untitled 03 by Thomas Phoon
Harvesting Rice by Bob Bader
Carolina 165 by Chris Bruner
Going To Church by John Schum
Coffee Shop 6 by Donald Menges
Skin Treatment by Emanuel Dale
Coquille River lighthouse by Beamie Young
Ridiculous High Clouds by Michael Stoklos
Men going down by Francis Elsocht
River Seine from Pont Saint-Louis by Taiwik David Chui
Eiffel Tower by David Ruderman
Winter Season by Elin Dolle
Epic Alps 6 by Patricia Turo
Vacated Home In A Field by Bohdan Hrynyshyn
Wooden Bridge by Paul Italiano
Swauk Prairie Ranch by Craig Eilers
Bird's Eye View by Gary Levy
Sailing in the Inner Harbor by Pete Hendley
Jose by Medina Isbell
Night Minarettes by Janis Tratnik
Santo Stefano by Michael Stimola
Light moves 1523 by Rick Menapace
Sas Ciampac by Sven Thamm
Westminster Palace by Eric Renard
Reflections on a Pool Tarp by Ira Dwoskin
Please by James Manfredonia
Storm Chasing 12 by Bob Neiman
Little Odessa 1 by Marna Bell
Capilla de la Sangrada Familia #2 by John Siskin
Water Tower by James Esten
Untitled by Dennis Walworth
It Began Here #3 by Robert Voorhees Jr
Mt. Blanc Ridge by Jim Bailey
Alexander Calder at MOMA by William Bullard
Mala and Mantra by Mark Overgaard
Napoli 12 by Rob Haff
Don't Fence Me In by George Loustalet
Herman Park by Osamu Watanabe
Coney by Alan Hans