B&W: 2022 Portfolio

Architecture / Interiors

Power Plant Detail by A. David Wunsch
Inhabited Monuments 8 by Petr Travkin
Production Factory by Massimo Pedriali
The Draper Demolition by James Hunt
Empty Spaces#2 by Sheila Bodine
Stairs 10 by Donald Menges
Bridge study #6 by T. Brian Hager
Houston 4 by Eduardo Garcia
St Philips by Michael Stoklos
Georgian Terrace Tower by Nathan Dean
Wall Dance by Gary Levy
The Sea Tower Penthouse Apt at Night by Carolyn Edelstein
Architectural Reflections 4 by David Cohen
Santo Stefano by Michael Stimola
Light moves 5008, Study 5 by Rick Menapace
Juxtaposition by Jason Au
Seen Better Days by George Loustalet
Historic Main Street by Brian Peyton
The First Steel Building by Curtis Fedder
Garden by Steve Siegel
Kelso Abbey by Thomas Wells
Shadows and Movement by Caitlin Miller
Bridge by Tyler Smith
Metrobus II by Geoffrey Brown
Neighborhood Mystery by Mauricio Arango
Home Project nr 04 by Arvid  Fimrette
Mission Steeple by Joe Hutto
The Bruggemann Warehouse (1907), Exterior by Harley Cowan
Hyatt Regency by Brian Moore,
Fountains Abbey Yorkshire by Jim Tetlow
Chutes by Robert Anderson
MoPOP by Myron Slabaugh