Hope by Steven Taddei
La Glycine by Florence D'elle
Warrawilla Creek by Robert Poole
A Royal Flush by Steven Taddei
Pandanus forest by Robert Poole
H-1 Engine Cone #1 by James Maxwell
Vetch and wood avens by Maria Vinogradova
Sunflower No. 1 by Gerald Pisarzowski
Untitled by Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin
Untitled by Sylvia Sampson
Grandfather by Sarmite Bogdanovica
Album by Joy Kardish
Flowers and candle by Sandy Lloyd
Landscape 1 by Sylvia Sampson
Streetlamp Reaching by Adam Gooder
Reclined Maja by Jair Garcia
Optic by Chris Bunney
Hat and Scarf by Sandy Lloyd
Fashion Bamboo Fusion by Jürgen Dopatka
Lagoon by Sandy Lloyd
Globe flower and marsh-marigold by Maria Vinogradova
Untitled by Sylvia Sampson
Flames at Dawn by Jair Garcia
Roman Bottles by Sara Yerkes
Candelabra by Joy Kardish
Dirce by Jair Garcia
The  Broom by Arun Patel and Calvin Grier
Afternoon Delight by Joy Kardish
Landscape 2 by Sylvia Sampson
Meditating across the Pacific by Arun Patel and Calvin Grier
Fishing Dories by Kip Absher
Roswell Roof Structure by James Maxwell
Candlesticks by Joy Kardish
Joshua Typology No. 5 by Maran Clark
Wake Up And Dream! by Margrieta Jeltema
Bathtub Playtime by Adam Gooder
Feuilletine #2 by Jürgen Dopatka
Botanical Gardens II by James Maxwell
Rose I by Sara Yerkes
Water Crucible by Arun Patel and Calvin Grier
Propylee by Florence D'elle
Bindweed by Maria Vinogradova
Garden Still Life by Margrieta Jeltema
Pearls by Joy Kardish
Glance by Jair Garcia