Touristes by Francis Elsocht
The Fantasy and the Reality in Venice by Jon Meyer
Times Square by Wayne Palmer
Looking Down by Stuart Lieberman
Heat Wave by Wayne Palmer
The Wanderer by Nadja Tobias
Times Square Evening by Bruce Barshop
Into The Light by Daniel Ivan
The Salesman by Kay Hale
Valhalla by Bruce Barshop
Never Forgotten by Samuel Brown
Conference at the Track by Gary Matson
Headphones by Boris Keller
Wheels by Bruce Barshop
Two Dollar Bet by Jeffrey Weiser
Street Scene by Boris Keller
Reader Holds Glasses by Gary Matson
Boulevard Richard Lenoir by Heikki Gröhn
Voyeur by William West
Blessing of the Animals by Natalie Morawsky
The Invisibility of Homelessness by Kay Hale
Waterworld by T. Brian Hager
Rest from the Pain by Adrian Ortiz
Overbalance by Kateryna Ilyuk
Walking by Starbucks by Dwoskin
Characters at the Cafe by Gregory Scholes
Grant Ave by Kay Hale
Lazio by Dena Elzie
Wheelie by David Lancaster
Déjeuner by Doug Testa
Daily News by Natalie Morawsky