B&W: 2022 Single Image

Flowers / Plants / Fruits

Day Lily by Michael Holtz
Nymphaea 'Foxfire' by Don Rice
Fern Shadow by Jim Tucker
Roots On A Slope Before A Storm by Mark Moulthrop
Palm Wings by Jerry Kay
Cactus Flower by Michael Stoklos
Undiscovered Planet by Jim Tucker
Milkweed by Don Rice
End of Summer by Dennis Fritsche
Calla lilies by Massimo Pedriali
Lilly by Patrick Binns
Tulip by Marc Sheridan
Inflorescence by Jim Tucker
Magnolia by Joe Sack
Dancing Duo by Barbara Maker
Camelias by Don Rice
Flower of Hope by Bill Cole
Cured Garlic by Robert J. Anderson
Untitled #3 by Peter Madero III
The Scream by Seta Karabadjian
Flower 2 by Karen Thorpe
Trillium by Joe Sack
Schlumbergera by Don Rice
Spindly Roots From Rim Erosion by Mark Moulthrop
Still Life With Tulips by Ellen G. Ingram
Together Forever by Javid Kamali
Dune Fluidity No. 13 by Steve Zmak
Lone by Seta Karabadjian
Long Trail Flower by Joe Sack
Botanic Garden by Carlos Caruso
Blacktail Creek by Joe Washington
Fly Away Home - from One go many by Kathryn Zerbe
Calla Lily #5 by John Diephouse
What Remains by Susan Tatterson
Roses by Sandy Lloyd
Leaf by Joe Sack
Untitled 3 by Antonia Pieczonka
Winter Time by Carlos Caruso
Ballerina Form by Mark Moulthrop
Ascent by Alan Lemire
Mushroom by Joe Sack
In Repose by Barbara Maker
The Convent Garden by Margrieta Jeltema
Cactus Spine by Howard Grill
The Burden by Alan Lemire
Florist Display by TR Smith
Whirlpool by Beamie Young
Flower 1 by Karen Thorpe
Calla Double Exposure by Marc Sheridan
Simple Beauty by Doug Testa