Sumac and Snow by C E Morse
Abstract Walkway #8 by Karen Curran
Sacred Geometry1 by Tebani Slade
Robert Irwin Installation 1 by John Lewis
Parking Lot #34 (Beyond the Castle Wall) by Daniel Joder
Trenzas by Don Rice
2x Spiral Staircase #55 by Tony Williams
Earth Camera obscura by Natascha Auenhammer
Urban Geometry Study No. 23 by Daniel Ashe
Dune Fluidity No. 2 by Steve Zmak
ALTERED STATES 5 by Marie Keech
Venetian Blinds Creature by William R. West, Jr.
Other Worlds 5 by Bill Jackson
Vulkan Brake Formed Trays by Stewart Lewis
Sundial Bridge 05 by Farrell Scott
Infinite Lines by Hillary Greene-Pae
Cape Disappointment 09 by Loren Nelson
Ice Bloom by David Cohen
Just Paper #19 by Douglas Hall
Tail Light  Delray Beach  Florida by Dwoskin
Broken Windows by Bob Neiman
Untitled 2 by Christina Kennon
Paint on Concrete 2 by George R. Lewis
Tears in rain by Federica Vecchi
White Waves by Bill Hambly
Condensation in Florist's Window by Scott Brock
Triangulation by Gregory Hom
Underlying 8 by Tatsuro Nishimura
Water 10 by Kirsten Hamlin
Angled by G.B. Smith
Print #25 by Carl Battreall
COVID-19-Help by Lynne Mass,
Ebb Current 11 by Barbara Ford Doye
Ice Circles 9 by Brian Schneider
Vertigo 5 by Anthony M. Harris