B&W: 2021 Portfolio

Architecture / Interiors

San Francisco Boxes by Tom Green
untitled #1 by Kenneth C. Evans
Post Office by Michael Fleischhacker
Tulsa 7 by Steven Reeves
Alleyway by Bob Bader
Picasso by John Schum
Structures (Heavenly Hubris, Peligro) by Daniel Joder
Officer's Quarters Doorways by Tony Williams
Urban Geometry Study No. 16 by Daniel Ashe
Murano Stairs Venice Italy 2007 by Tom Sliter
Fushimi Inari by David Ruderman
Amish Covered Bridge by William R. West, Jr.
Then Diagonal by Sophie Mosimann
The Gateway by Budd Parker
Back Stairs by Robert J. Anderson
Under the Solar Tree by Hillary Greene-Pae
Union Station 2020 II by Eric Renard
St. Nicholas Kennell Church by Tom Zsolt
Upper Paterson Waterfall by Simon Laufer
Vision #16 Notre Elin Fumée by Gustaf Elias
Steel & Glass by Ed Justice Jr
Working Platform by Jason Au
Steel Dam by George R. Lewis
2020ness 05 by Oliver Heckman
Steel and Concrete by Stuart Brontman
Wiring Cover by Scott Brock
World Trade Center by Samuel Vovsi
Untitled 8 by Erin Bechtold
Voss 05 by Geirfinn Lysne
Sturgeon Bay Light by Jeff McDonald
Roof Top Work by Harold Tearse
Hard Rock Hotel by Betsey Chesler
Construction by Jesse Farrah
Underpass by Jennifer Fawkes
San Francisco 01 10 by Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin
San Francisco de Asis Catholic Church by Richard
Shelburne Farms - Breeding Barn Span by Gerald Davis
ROC Skatepark 7 by Donald Menges
Untitled 8 by Steve Geer
Bright Horizons by G.B. Smith
Untitled 5 by Don Ketchel
Under the Tyne Bridge by Paul Bibby
Headlong into the Abyss by Daniel Sackheim