Untitled 11 by Dennis Luckenbill
Balancing Act by Ken Lorenz
1937 Cadillac LaSalle by Arthur Sands
Alone by Candace Kubinec
The Korean totem pole 'Jangseung' by Kwangbum Park
Dahmen Barn by David Patterson
Vintage Diesel by Dennis Walworth
American War Cemetery and Memorial #11 by Peter Willemse
Imagine Rome 3 by Bapi Chakraborty
Untitled 5 by Timothy Floyd
Second Impression 8 by Anthony M. Harris
The Bandstand by Adrien Bisson
Thyssen Krupp #1 by Michael Schulz
HOME-12 by Hoon Yong Eom
Yugo by Matthew Poburyny
In Search of by David Karamian
Gas Pumps by Christopher Meseke
Cowboy by J215 ohn Custodio
Angel Grave Marker by Michael Holtz
Proof of Man by Jim Tucker
Light In Motion At The Casino 5 by Monica Brewer
08 Church Wall by Janos Szita
10-Air communication. by Aleksey Ubeyvolk
Zoo 2 by Jung Guhyun
Psalm of the Heads San Francisco by Dana Holt
Gold Leaf Resting Buddha by Mark Ferguson
The Garden 6 by Michael Bille
3 bags and some fog by Norbert  Wabnig
Street Ice 9 by Alan Weintraub